Donations can be made anytime during working hours.

What We Accept

We accept all gently worn women's clothing, shoes, belts, accessories, purses, and jewelry as well as children's clothing, books, and small household goods. We try to steer away from accepting larger electrical items simply because we don’t want anyone to have a problem with something they purchased from us.
Donations can be left on hangers or folded in a box or large bag.

The Clothes Line donation process

When a donor brings items into the store, we place their name and address in our donor book. The bags are tagged with this information so we have a record of their donation. When a Clothes Line volunteer is able to process the donation, they go through each bag or box one item at a time. We are then able to place a tax value on each item. 
When we have valued all the items, we send the donor a tax receipt, along with a letter of thanks, stating what was donated and the value. We then record the date and the amount of the donation on the donor’s card. We also keep a copy of the tax receipt; we maintain these records for seven to 10 years.